AthemeNet is the Atheme Project's own IRC network, designed to enable collaboration between Atheme members, partners and users. AthemeNet hosts the project channels for Atheme Services, charybdis, tethys and the IRCv3 working group, along with channels for several commercial ISPs, and a large social community.


To connect to AthemeNet please point your client to on ports 6697 for SSL or 6667 for plaintext. We also have an Iris webchat client which you can use.

It is recommended that all users use SSL to connect to AthemeNet to secure their account passwords. Most modern IRC clients support SSL, including several that we like: WeeChat, HexChat and Textual.

At the current time, AthemeNet does not hold signed SSL certificates for it's servers, and as such you may receive a warning when connecting. Please dismiss this warning, as the connection is still entirely encrypted.


Some interesting channels located on AthemeNet are:

Channel Description
#athemenet network support and discussion
#lobby off-topic discussion
#atheme Atheme project
#nttalk Windows discussion free ZNC bouncers
#charybdis charybdis project
#girlgamers off-topic discussion
#ircv3 IRCv3 working group


Hostname Location Administrator(s) Operator(s) IPv6 London, UK Rylee, matthew aji, Aaron, tomaw, spb Yes London, UK sean N/A Down Dallas, TX, USA Alynna N/A Yes Palo Alto, CA, USA Teckie huru, nimrod, matthew No Germany DjMadness huru, nimrod, matthew Yes Tokyo, JP Shaun huru, nimrod, matthew Yes