charybdis is an ircd used on various networks either as itself, or as the basis of a customized IRC server implementation. A derivative of charybdis, ircd-seven powers freenode, which is the largest IRC network in the world.

Collaboration with other IRC server projects

One of the purposes of the charybdis project is to provide a testbed for the research and development of new features in IRC server software. To this end, we have contributed patches to other IRC software, such as ratbox and ircu.

Charybdis is originally based on ratbox 2.0, with some additional code from ircu 2.11, but a large number of features from Charybdis were integrated back into ratbox with ratbox 3, and ircu 2.12, and contributions are contributed bi-directionally on a regular basis. To this extent, Charybdis can be considered a top-level IRCd project, and not a patchset to a different IRCd project.

As part of our mission, we have collaborated with other IRCd projects besides ratbox and ircu, in terms of technical development, such as UnrealIRCd and InspIRCd. The Charybdis project also is represented in the IRCv3 working group, which itself is incubated by Atheme.

Steering committee

The charybdis steering committee makes technical and project-management decisions for the charybdis project.

The current members of the charybdis steering committee are:

  • Stephen Bennett (spb@)
  • William Pitcock (nenolod@)
  • Jilles Tjoelker (jilles@)


Charybdis has a few derivative projects. SorIRCd is the IRC daemon used on the Sorcery IRC network, and ircd-seven is freenode's customized version of charybdis. Here is a list of known derivatives:


Documentation for charybdis is available in the following formats:

You may also find some interesting documentation for charybdis on it's IRC-wiki page.


Releases of charybdis may be downloaded at Atheme's release distribution server, Development code for charybdis can be found on the Atheme GitHub.