tethys is the next-generation ircd project from Atheme.org. Based on the rock-solid libmowgli-2 framework, tethys is the first irc daemon being designed from the ground up to be IRCv3 compliant.

Originally called ircd-micro, tethys has been designed from day one to be the fastest and most scalable irc daemon around. Although the project's ambitions have changed somewhat from the time of it's conception, the focus remains clear: to provide a stable, IRCv3 compliant daemon which will withstand the test of time.

Just like charybdis, tethys integrates perfectly with the Atheme IRC platform and has a fully modular design, allowing IRC networks to choose the features important to them, and easily extend the server software to suit their own specific needs.

Although still in early development, tethys is already TS6 feature complete and subject to alpha-testing within the Atheme Project. Our home network, AthemeNet, has a tethys server linked to the charybdis network in order to help detect bugs and give a preview of the new software to Atheme members.

Get involved

If you would like to get involved in the development of tethys, you are welcome to visit irc.atheme.org #tethys where you will be able to talk with the developers and contribute your own ideas to the discussion.


Although tethys does not currently have any stable code releases, you can find the development code in our GitHub repository.