Supported IRCds

Atheme is capable of linking to all of the below IRC daemons. For best results, please use an IRCd with full support for Atheme's features.


Charybdis is an IRC daemon built to provide stability, whilst supporting modern features and staying lightweight. Charybdis is the IRCv3 reference implementation, and therefore is the first to get many new features. With good documentation and ease of configuration, we would encourage anyone who is unsure of their IRCd choice to use Charybdis.


UnrealIRCd is an advanced IRC daemon supporting numerous commonly used features, such as channel owner/admin modes, SSL, and vhosting, and running on most major platforms, such as including Linux, BSD, OS X, and Windows NT4 and up. UnrealIRCd has been time-tested for stability, security and features. For the best Atheme integration, please ensure you use version 3.2.10+.

Atheme also includes limited legacy support for a number of IRCds:

  • InspIRCd
  • Bahamut
  • ngircd
  • ircu
  • Nefarious
  • ircd-ratbox
  • IRCNet IRCd

If you are an IRCd developer and your IRCd is IRCv3-compliant, or you would like help in making it compliant, feel free to contact us and we will be sure to add details of your product on this page.