Atheme IRC Services

Atheme is feature-packed, fast, efficient, customisable, extendable and ubiquitous. Atheme is the leader in revolutionary new features, and is still the leader in stability and dependability. What are you waiting for?



Not only are more and more networks using Atheme every day, but some of IRC's most well-known networks are already using Atheme. Networks such as Libera Chat, EsperNet, freenode and DarkMyst are all relying on Atheme IRC services.


Even something as featureful as Atheme might not have everything your network needs. For those cases, Atheme offers both an extremely clean C API and a powerful, well-structured Perl interface. Extending services has never been easier!

Fast + Efficient

The Internet is faster than ever before. Computers are exponentially speedier than any time in the past. Shouldn't your IRC services be fast too? Atheme IRC services not only are lightning fast, but are also the most scalable modern IRC services package available.


Atheme supports linking to over twenty different IRC daemons. For a full list of supported IRCds, view our compatibility report.


Atheme comes prebundled with over 250 modules and you can find over 50 additional modules in our contributed modules repository on GitHub.


Atheme has all the features you've come to expect from modern IRC services, such as BotServ and HostServ, as well as innovative new features, such as GroupServ, ChanFix and InfoServ.